"Julio and Salvatore Marino are without a doubt the most reliable, admirable, compassionate and loyal attorneys we have ever known.  They are honest and trustworthy.  If there was ever a time that we needed legal assistance or advice, Julio and Salvatore were always there to help.  This father and son team are wonderful people and my family and I would recommend them to anyone who needed a lawyer.  They will not let you down."


- Debra and Bobby Ingoglia, East Norwich, NY

"Marino and Marino is an amazing law firm.  They are very helpful, knowledgeable, professional, and educated lawyers.  They will try their best to get you a good deal no matter what your situation is, which as a client you feel happy about because not all lawyers care about making their clients happy.  They give good professional advice, on point with calling or emailing you back.  Their communication is great and I was completely satisfied with their job.  I would recommend everyone that has an accident and wants to go forward with a lawsuit to hire them as their lawyer."


- Jennifer G., Elmhurst, NY

"Julio Marino went above and beyond in the handling of my accident case, producing amazing results.  He took this case for me and as a result, we came out way ahead.  I attribute this to his vast experience in these types of lawsuits.  I was most impressed with the speed and alacrity in which he managed the legal waters.  I wouldn't hesitate to have him represent me in the future or to recommend him to others.  He is the tops in his field.  I want to thank him for doing an excellent job for me."


- Dr. Richard Harris, Kings Point, NY

"I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for all the care and concern you have shown for my personal injury, and for working tirelessly to ensure that the law worked in our favor.  If it weren't for your analytical skills and knowledge, the matter wouldn't have settled in the time that it did.  I thank you for prioritizing me as a client and for doing everything in your power to help with my case.  Your prompt responses and attention to detail really meant a lot to me.  I will never forget what you have done for me."


- Martha Mikell, Jamaica, NY

"Lawyers always seem to get a bad rep.  That's because they have never met the Marinos.


I had fallen and broken some ribs and had a hand I could hardly use.  It was not my fault but I have never sued anyone in my life.  I asked a friend to recommend someone to help me and this wonderful man had me meet the Marinos.


That was it.  They made the whole procedure so easy for me that I couldn't get over it.  Sal was available every single time I called.  I only had to fill out a few papers and they did all the grunt work.  I can't imagine anyone trying to do all the work themselves.  There were so many people for them to contact.  There was so much paper work for them to complete.


I didn't even know about all of that work because they just 'did it.'  We got a really nice settlement and I am forever grateful to them.


This is the family to give lawyers a good name again.  They did everything right.  I never had one moment when I felt they were out of sorts with me for all of my questioning.  They were pleasant and eager to help at every turn.  If ever I know anyone who needs a lawyer - there is no question who I will recommend.  The Marinos."


- Lilith Kopman, Wantagh, NY

"First and foremost I just want to thank the Marino & Marino family for helping me with my case.


I changed my lawyer after two years within my case and found Mr. Marino and never regretted it one bit.  He achieved my expectations in a timely fashion, always answered my questions whether they were phone calls or emails and helped me get what I deserved.


Highly recommended, thank me later :)."


- Priscilla Garcia, Astoria, NY

"Salvatore Marino took my car accident very professionally and straight to point.  Im highly Pleased with his knowledge and his well manned attitude.  He made sure I was well take care medically first then made sure I got the monetary settlement that I have deserved.  I highly recommend him as a lawyer."


- Mabel E.B., Jackson Heights, NY

"Very knowledgable and professional.  Responds to inquiries in a timely manner and is with you every step of the way.  Will definitely keep recommending Marino & Marino, P.C. to my friends."


- J. Barrera, Port Washington, NY

"My case was resolved quickly and efficiently, thus resulting in a successful financial reward that exceeded my expectations.  This was a job well done and deeply appreciated!  You are a client's dream attorney."


- Jeanie H., Great Neck, NY

"I discussed my accident with a couple of lawyers who seemed to be more interested if there were enough injuries for a big case.  When I told Mr. Marino what happened, he agreed to help me with my case.  He just cared that I was injured, and that someone was responsible.  He cares about people, not just big cases."

- M.T. Guzman, Manhattan, NY

"When I first met Mr. Marino in 1997, he has become more than just a lawyer to my family and I.  He became my friend and also an addition to us.  My family has seen and had its share of trials and tribulations, who Mr. Marino, and now his son, have helped us through.  I have and will always recommend them to anyone who needs lawyers who will work hard and fight for their rights.  My mother told me that 'people are brought into your life for a reason and a season.'  Well, Mr. Marino and his son have been both to me and our family.  So our reason may change, but not the season.  Once you meet the Marinos, your season will never change too.  They are just down-to-earth, beautiful people!"


- Lillian Jerman, Amityville, NY

"To everyone and anyone who needs a good lawyer, I would highly recommend Marino & Marino.  They are very dependable and reliable, always honest with their dealings with their clients.  I am very satisfied with how they represented me.  Therefore, if you ever need a good lawyer, Marino & Marino is the lawyer to call."


- Virginia Jones, Freeport, NY

"There are no words to express my gratitude for Salvatore Marino's professional services and end results in handling my case.  No one could have done a better job.  Anyone engaging in his services will see great satisfaction.  He kept me informed every step of the way.  May he be blessed in his work and may God grant him life's best.  I will always be grateful."


- Gloria R. Wimberly, East Elmhurst, NY

"I would like to take a moment to humbly thank the Marino Attorney Family, the Father, Son & Daughter (Julio, Salvatore, Giulia aka Judy) and their Staff for their professional, courteous, considerate and timely handling of my case.


While entering the front of my apartment building in February of 2017, I fell down about 6 unkept steps and my wrist was broken at 74 years old.  I have never had anything broken in all of my years.  It was truly a painful & life changing experience.  Through a referral from a fellow attorney, Howard Arber located at 64 Hilton Ave in Hempstead, NY 11550, I became connected with Marino & Marino, P.C.


I only appeared in court one time.  They were extremely knowledgable with ALL of my concerns and answered all of my questions without hestitation.  In 2019 the case was settled without any ongoing expenses other than what was explained clearly in detail throughout the case.


Out of all the horror stories I have heard from some friends, I would refer The Marino Attorney Family to anyone without a second thought.  They are TRULY FOR THE CLIENT with care & concern.  When it comes to quality I found that this Family has my respect and appreciation 100 percent!!  Thanking You Again."


- Mary L., Hempstead, NY

"Mr. Marino is a hands-on attorney, from start to finish.  He was extraordinary, bringing my personal injury case to a more than satisfactory settlement."

- Susie Hall, Freeport, NY

"Thank you guys sooo soo so Much!  I have so much appreciation and joy for you and Giulia.  I'm so glad that I switched to your law firm.  You guys will always have a loyal client with me and my family.  I feel like we won and that is a feeling that uplifts my spirit.  So thank you, you're truly appreciated."


- Shania Brown, Rockville Centre, NY

"Having Julio Marino as my attorney was a pleasure.  From the moment we met and throughout the process, Mr. Marino was always professional, courteous and caring.  He kept me informed every step of the way and made himself available to me when I needed.  He always made me feel as if my case was a priority.  Even though I relied on his experience and expertise, he still gave me the leading role to make my own decisions.  I would highly recommend his business to anyone and wish them nothing but success."


- Lucretia Morrone, Island Park, NY

"After obtaining the services of Salvatore R. Marino, Esq., we were able to bring this case to a successful conclusion.  I would recommend the law firm of Marino & Marino for their services any time."


- Claudia Dyer, Cambria Heights, NY

"Marino & Marino really did a great job with my case!  Fantastic attorney that used his skills and experience to get great results for me.  Would definitely recommend him and use him again.  Case closed fast!!!!!  10 Stars."


- K.B., Albertson, NY

"After my accident on July 16, 2007, I was told by union recommended lawyers that there could be no third-party lawsuit and that I would have to settle for just compensation.  Upon urging from my eldest son, I spoke with you.  After this discussion, you came to my home that Sunday morning and visited the site of my accident, and from there you went to work.  Your efforts have given me and my family a settlement that has enabled us to start a small business and to hold onto our home in these hard times.  Along the way you became more than my lawyer - you became my friend whom I turn to for advice in almost anything.  Mr. Marino, I wholeheartedly recommend you and your legal team to anyone, and certainly to everyone I know."

- Andrew Ferreira, Ozone Park, NY

"Marino & Marino were so professional and knowledgeable!  They walked me through every step of the process and were quick to answer any and all questions I had.  I highly recommend them."


- Alexandria Choudhury, Long Island City, NY

"Salvatore Marino has been an extremely helpful asset to me and my company.  He has provided high quality feedback, answers all questions thoroughly, acted in a professional and timely manner, and was open and straightforward about the costs associated with our work together.  All of this has resulted in a top-notch service.  I will certainly be utilizing Mr. Marino's services again in the future."


- David S., Great Neck, NY

"Julio Marino handled a case for me where I fell in a restaurant.  He was successful in getting me a satisfactory settlement."

- Charles Hoffman, Floral Park, NY

"My case recently closed 2019 & I will say I am completely satisfied!  Marino & Marino is very knowledgeable, stay in touch, constantly updating you on what's going on and will not settle unless they feel like it's what's best for the client!  I have already recommended them to a friend and I will continue to recommend them!"


- Shaniqua Hicks, Far Rockaway, NY

"Never think my injury case would be easy on till I found Marino and Marino law firm.  I was always informed step by step of my case.  They made me feel comfortable."


- Christopher Correia, Elmont, NY

"I was recommended to this firm through a friend, and I couldn't have asked for a better team.  They were a pleasure to work with.  They were always on top of my case, never did I have to call and remind them that we have a pending case.  Thank you Marino & Marino for a job well done."


- M. Ribiev, Flushing, NY

"Thank you Atty. Salvatore Marino and the Marino & Marino, P.C. staff for helping us especially my wife's case.  It was smooth and the case closed fast.  The quick response and updates through email and calls are splendid!  So knowledgable that they help us enlighten and understand more about our case and bring to success.  I will definitely recommend to anyone who needs accurate and extremely professional Attorney."


-A.J., Sunnyside, NY

"Marino & Marino really did a great job with my case!  Fantastic attorney...real I'm so happy and lucky to have this lawyer.. thanks for closing my case so fast with a lot of $$$$..really thank you so much."


- Mohammed Ahmedeen, Queens, NY

"My case was a tough one.  But Marino & Marino was not afraid to take it on.  Since representing us, Sal had exuded confidence and assured us of the favorable outcome.  With professional care and diligence, after almost five years of fierce fight with defendant attorney he finally got us the outcome that went beyond our expectaction.  We feel deeply grateful to Marino & Marino, P.C. for their hard work and dedication to our case!"


- L.A., Syosset, NY

"Awesome work Sal moved fast in my case always answered when i called and as soon as i email he always responds back fast.  Best lawyer in NY!"


- Dell Jefferson, Jamaica, NY

"I hope this email finds you all well.  My family & I would like to thank you for all the hard work and dedication invested.


Moving out of NY, we know it would become more difficult to continue with the case.  However, your firm took our case and gave us hope.


The amount of communication from Sal and Giulia during the process was remarkable.  It was not an easy process on both ends, but your firm was on the front lines.  Your firm spent countless hours/years with filing petitions and representing us.  No rock went unturned in fighting for our Jozalee.  All we wanted was for someone to hear our Jozalee.


Due to the hard work from your firm, that goal was met.  No words will ever express our appreciation.  We are forever grateful and if we can ever do anything from our end, please don't hesitate and ask.  Once again, thank you for your time and patience."


- F.G., Buford, Georgia

"While other lawyers were telling me that I 'might' have a case after my car accident, Sal was on the affirmative boat from the start.  Love what he did for me!  He moved very fast on my case and was great about keeping in contact.  I was expecting to hear back from in a year, I got my settlement within four months!"


- Nisaa A., Farmingville, NY

"Marino & Marino are amazing lawyers.  Always updated me with everything, they have made my life much better by representing me in matters I knew nothing about.  Always in communication an simplifying everything that helped me to understand.  I am an will always be grateful to them.  They are my lawyer's."


- Elquin Fraser, Brooklyn, NY

"God bless Sal, everything went smooth and quick and got the settlement in less than 2 years although everyone was telling me its gonna take 4-5 years.  They are true professionals and absolutely the best!"


- Mahmoud Amer, Astoria, NY


- Christina V., Brooklyn, NY

"Thank you for your services.  It was a pleasure having you represent us."
- Marie and Marc E., Long Island, NY

*With respect to the above testimonials, please note that although Marino & Marino, P.C. will try its best to achieve the most favorable result for its clients, prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.

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